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0.264 gal or 1 lit round Polypropylene Container with Lid0.264 gal or 1 lit round Polypropylene Container with LidPlastic Products<p>• Sturdy and stable shape<br>• Tamper evident to protect product<br>• Gasketless liquid-tight seal<br>• Smooth wall for 100% product dispensing</p>Plastic Open Head Pails
5 gal or 19 lit round Versatile Utility Pail5 gal or 19 lit round Versatile Utility PailPlastic Products<p>​• Variety of handle options: integrated and/or plastic/wire<br>• Optional bottom hand-grips for easy pouring and handling<br>• Works with all BWAY style covers</p>Plastic Open Head Pails

 Product Overview

Metal Products

Plastic Products

Hybrid Products

BWAY offers comprehensive packaging for a wide variety of applications. We help customers develop new packaging and redesign existing products that reduce time to market, lower costs and improve quality. Our technical specialists provide onsite expertise for integrating products into manufacturing facilities. We manufacture the standard industrial containers that customers know and trust. We also develop innovative packaging that introduces customer products to the marketplace in new and exciting ways.

Our rigid metal containers include aerosol cans, ammunition boxes, cone and pour top cans, F-style containers, metal paint cans, monotop cans, open head pails, tight head pails and an oil can. We also manufacture rigid plastic containers including the open head ECO-PAIL™, drums, open head pails, tight head containers, screw top injection pails and drums, and twist and lock pails.

Today, BWAY is the only manufacturer in the country that can provide metal paint cans and hybrid paint cans to meet our customer needs. We have the most extensive product lineup available from any single manufacturer in the general line packaging industry.

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